Fill your home office and rooms with custom printed pictures that will brighten your day

Dekmark offers various ways to display your home office, rooms, birthdays, events, showcasing your favorite memories with a variety of mediums. Our innovative canvas prints made with fabrics stretched on wood options, capturing those bright luminescent colors on metal or the new Switch N’ Snap Frame to change those images printed on fabric in a snap! Do not forget to often visit our site for new products that we keep adding including face masks, banners, display stands, stickers and more!

Switch N’ Snap Frame

Our frame is great to swap images whenever one feels like it. Simply insert the fabric print into the channel of the frame, that’s it. Check out the subscription model to have the ability to switch images every month.

Metal Prints

Our state-of-the-art aluminum print creates a beautiful and high end look and finish. In our brushed aluminum, the white parts of the image are not printed, so the brushed surface really shines through. It is also very visible in the other bright areas of the image, giving the piece an overall metallic sheen.

The high quality print is waterproof and resilient. To make your order faster and cheaper, we have pre-determined sizes.

Canvas Prints

Our new innovative canvas prints are stretched onto wood frames. We use high quality fabric materials where specialty inks are used where, when heated and once applied to the surface of the fabric, the ink forms a permanent bond with the fabric. The image becomes a part of the fabric. You will feel no extra layer of ink coating. Colors are vibrant, durable and scratch free, comparing with standard canvas prints that’s on the market.

Custom Size

If you need a custom size, just fill out our form on our Contact Us page.

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